Sunday, February 26, 2012


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Lionize, a set on Flickr.
WED FEB 15 2012 at The Beat Kitchen, Chicago IL: The guys from the band Lionize rocked my night. What a great band to go see live! You can feel the soul in their tones and in their performance. All of them are very good musicians and they know what they’re doing. The drummer is the most amazing thing I’ve heard in 2012. The bass man has a killer tone, sporting what I think was a Sunn Tube Amp. I was dancing to the keyboard chops and MAN,  those vocals are just pure rock and roll! Don’t let their pretty faces fool you, they hang out with real rockers, opening for bands such as Clutch, Galactic, Steel Pulse and Bad Brains. I had to go buy their new CD’s after the show. I spoke to them after the show and what great people them guys are. Both of their latest albums are getting very heavy rotation in my car stereo. Their latest two are "Superczar and the Vulture" and "Destruction Manual" (produced by J. Robbins of Jawbox). The music is an exploration of stoner-rock, funk and reggae landscapes. They recorded in Kingston, Jamaica with Sidney Mills (Steel Pulse). Now, How awesome is that?!
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